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Thought barbecuing was over, now that it’s winter? Think again…

Weber® Red Kettle Charcoal BBQ in the snow

The weather outside might be frightful, but with a Weber® BBQ, you’ll pass through the winter with ease…

Here at Fosseway we have one of only 11 Weber® Worlds in the UK, and are home to an extensive Weber® BBQ selection. From charcoal options like the compact and portable Smokey Joe®, to the versatile Master-Touch® with GBS®, to even the fantastic Smokey Mountain smoker range; Fosseway has it all!

Weber® also offers a 10 year limited warranty on selected ranges when you register your product, and great customer service throughout the lifetime of your BBQ.

Weber® Certified Store with range of charcoal, gas, and electric BBQs

Gas barbecues and more...

Gas barbecues are more popular than ever, and with Weber’s additions like the Flavorizer Bars, Infinity Ignition and cast-iron grate upgrades, the possibilities are endless! Come in and discover our gas BBQs, from the classic Summit to the new Spirit® II (see below!), right up to the luxurious Summit® E670, which is exclusive to buy at Weber World stores.

Beside the classics, you can go for charcoal or electric – for the latter, try our quirky Weber® Q range, or our impressive Pulse 1000, and you’re one plug-in away from an unforgettable barbecue experience.

Weber® Electric Q200 Grill Open Lid

Get holiday-ready with Weber®

Go big with our Genesis® and Summit® gas models this Christmas, for those larger roasts.

Alternatively, you could try our charcoal models – we recommend the Master-touch® and Original Kettle®. Choose from our range of flavoured wood chunks – apple, cherry, hickory, pecan, and more – and you’ll be set up for a fabulous dinner.

Need cooking ideas? Try Weber’s 12 recommended Christmas roasts, or the perfect Christmas turkey.

Keep your BBQ winter-fit...

Cleaning and care sets available at Fosseway

Maintenance and up-keep is vital for the preservation of your BBQ, even when not in use. Prevent pests from making your grill their home during the cold months by scraping off any food debris and grease build-up from the grates and cook box, and brushing your gas grill’s grates and bars clean with a steel brush.
For further advice, call us at 01608 651757.


Using your grill in winter requires extra patience and care: see Weber’s top tips here.

Weber® BBQ Covers in Snow

We sell a range of covers for grill protection

I'm dreaming of a Weber® Christmas...

We have plenty of grilling accessories and add-ons which can fill stockings, or work as presents themselves…why don’t you come down and have a look at our BBQing essentials, and deck out your grill anew? From mitts, gloves, and aprons; to tool hooks and cookbooks, there’s plenty here at Fosseway to keep your loved ones happy this holiday season.

You could even get Dad that grill that he always wanted…

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