As a fan of barbequing come and see the Brand from small charcoal smokey joes with the ability to cook for up to eight people or at the other end of the charcoal range the performer with the added convenience of gas ignition and the fixed table to work on. With the extensive range of gas barbequing starting with the quirky Q range great through to the large range Summit and a 10 year parts guarantee.

Gas barbeques are more popular than ever. Their speed and ease of use make it possible to barbeque during the week, when things need to happen a bit faster. Thanks to the gas barbeque Weber developed back in the 1980s you need not fear flare-ups, so you achieve that great barbeque results with the help from the Weber developed flavourizer bars, which are used in the larger gas barbeque, as the juices drip down onto them a small amount of smoke is produced, giving the food its familiar barbeque taste whatever the weather, so come in store to see for yourself.