All You Need to Know About Wedding Flower Arrangements

Wedding Flower Arrangements Part 1

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding that perfectly match your theme and colour scheme may be tricky if you have no knowledge of flowers and their many varieties. Here at Fosseway Flowers, we want to help you make your wedding day truly unforgettable with out guide to wedding flower arrangements.

This article focuses on the types of floral arrangements you should be considering to use on your big day. Talk to Hannah our florist and provide colour swatches and pictures of your wedding dress if you can so they will be able to design your flowers that will compliment your wedding day perfectly.

Bridal Bouquets

When dreaming of your big day most of us will imagine ourselves walking down the aisle holding a bouquet of flowers but making your dream bouquet into a reality can be quite daunting to a future bride. Talk to Hannah our florist and provide colour swatches and pictures of your wedding dress if you can so they will be able to design your bouquet that will compliment your dress perfectly.

If you are having a Spring wedding, then its recommended that you keep your colours neutral, mostly white with a dash of colour to keep the bouquet stand out. In May peonies, roses, irises and tulips are in season and they look beautiful too. It’s best to find out what flowers are in season on your wedding day, which will help you decide what flowers you want to use. You can add accessories to make your bouquets really stand out like diamantes but having a ribbon wrapped around your bouquet which is the same colour as your chosen colour will make your bouquet stand out.

Top tip: To keep your bouquet looking fresh all day and night, cut an inch off the stems and pop it in some fresh water when not in use.

Maid of Honour/ Bridesmaid Bouquets

There are many options available for bridesmaid’s flowers. They can be similar to the bride’s bouquet but simpler and on a smaller scale, or you can choose to make them more unique but still keep your wedding flower arrangements in line with the rest of the wedding décor.

Top tip: Play with gradients of colour to keep the bridesmaid’s bouquets unique and keeping in with the wedding theme. For example, if you have four bridesmaids and your chosen colour is hot pink and you have opted to include gerberas into the décor, one bridesmaid may have a bouquet consisting of only hot pink gerberas, the second bridesmaid may have a lighter shade of pink gerberas, a third may have the light shade of pink gerberas and the last bridesmaid may carry the lightest shade of pink gerberas. Or each bridesmaid could carry one type of flower that is included in the bride’s bouquet.

Buttonhole/Boutonniere (Groom, Father or the Bride, Groomsmen)

Buttonholes or boutonnieres are traditionally worn by the groom, matching the brides flowers to ward off evil spirits and be a symbol of his love for the bride. Buttonholes should be worn by the male wedding party and it should be the same colour as the wedding décor.

Top tip: Use a flower and filler that is included in the bride’s bouquet to keep the theme consistent.

Flower girls

Flower girls are cute but important members in the bridal party. It’s her/ their job to walk down the aisle after the maid of honour but before the bride, scattering flower petals as she walks. Flower girls are usually equipped with a basket filled petals- ensure that these petals are from the same flowers and colours included in the wedding décor, or if you would prefer simple white petals.

Top tip: If you would prefer your flower girls to not scatter flowers you can opt to give them a simple bouquet or a kissing ball which is easier for them to carry.

Next week’s blog will cover ceremony flowers, Centre pieces, wedding favours and cake decorations so be sure not to miss part two of our wedding flower arrangements guide!