How to Tidy up Your Garden this Weekend

By 24th May 2017Help & Tips, News
Mowing the lawn

The summer season is right around the corner and there is no better time for you to get out into the garden and start to clear up your garden than this weekend. If you’re a casual gardener you may have left your garden to suffer the cold and harsh conditions that winter has to offer. However, if this is you then do not worry, because Fosseway Garden Centre has you covered with our tips and tricks for your to spruce up your garden this weekend.

Mow the Lawn

Mowing the lawn can be seen as a tedious and time-consuming job for many people. Our biggest tip that we can give to you is to cut your lawn regularly, perhaps once a week. This way it won’t be such a big task in a month’s time.

  • Only mow the lawn when the grass is dry.
  • Make sure that your lawn mower blades are sharp and balanced.
  • Mow your lawn in various directions. This will help avoid the soil compacting and the grass will stand up nice and tall.
  • Leave your grass clippings on your lawn. If you mow at the right height for your lawn the clippings will break down and contribute to nitrogen and other nutrients.

Invest in New Pots

You may be looking at your window or patio door right now as you read this, and you may be thinking that your plants could do with some new pots. The good news is here at Fosseway Garden Centre we offer a range of ornamental pots, whatever your style of garden, we will have a pot to match.


Now that you have invested in your brand new plant pots, you’ll need some plants to go in them. We have a huge range of plants available and stock everything you need to get your garden looking fantastic this year, with our expert knowledge of plants we are always on hand to give help and advice on any gardening queries you may have…

Garden Furniture

Is your garden furniture over 10 years old? Have you left it out during the winter season year after year? If you have started to notice your garden furniture rusting up, it may be time for your to take a look at some new furniture. We have recently started to stock Bramblecrest and Kettler garden furniture. That will look lovely whatever the style of your garden is, but make sure you store it indoors this winter.