Roses, Lisianthus and Gypsophilla: How to Present Your Flowers

By 5th September 2016Florist, Fosseway Flowers, News

Roses, Lisianthus & Gypsophilla

Flowers like Roses, Lisianthus and Gypsophilla are known to be versatile and can be found all-year-round, they are considered to be the perfect add-on to any room. All you have to do is look for the vase you love most and you can start creating a lovely arrangement of bouquets and bunches.

If you’re having a trouble deciding, you can always go for a collection of different flowers. The key is making an arrangement that will satisfy your taste. These flowers usually last between 7-10 days, so you’ll have a lot of time to appreciate your masterpiece.

Being Creative with Floral Vases

Roses and Lisianthus have soft petals, they are some of the great flowers to put in mason jars or small bowls. These colourful flowers have dramatic effect even when you accidentally cut the stems short. To prolong their life, give them lots of water!

What They Can Do in Terms of Colour and Fragrance

Lisianthus, Roses and Gypsopilla come in a variety of colours. So, mixing a few different shades would help you create a bright and welcoming display. If you’re into a more classic look, you can stick to one colour and use a monochrome vase. This would make your bouquet the centre of attention.

As for fragrance, there’s no denying that smell is one of the most powerful senses that could trigger instant memories. Wherein, a rose’s robust smell can envelop a room. As a rule of thumb, you should be picking bouquets and bunches you’re familiar with. This would bring back wonderful memories you had in the past – it can be a memory of growing up, taking your final bow, graduation, or wedding.

Are They Good Together?

Flowers are capable of taking the place of a boring and old table décor. Coordinating these flowers together would definitely make the area a little more brighter. If placed on a shabby, old table, it’s a great way to draw the attention of your guests, because this would give your place a brand new look.

How to Take Care of These Flowers and Prolong Their Life

There are a number of ways on how to prolong the life of your fresh cut flowers.

The use of power food is one of the great ways to prolong the life of flowers, because it’s packed with a mixture of nutrients that meets the needs of flowers in a vase. Obviously, freshly cut flowers won’t have any roots and so, these flowers won’t be able to draw in nutrient salts. However, power foods convert salt into sugar, and this is what the flowers absorb.