Don’t be a Couch Potato – Grow Your Own!

By 25th January 2017News

It’s dead easy to grow your own potatoes and incredibly rewarding. You don’t need a garden to enjoy fresh home grown potatoes, just a nice sunny balcony or patio with enough space for a large pot will do! You’ll get great results from using any of our certified disease-free planting seed potatoes and we have several varieties for you to choose from.

How to Grow Your Own Potatoes

Firstly, take a good sized potato, make a large hole in the ground or in a pot of fresh soil and pop it in. Cover it back over with the soil and give it a good watering. If you already have any slightly older potatoes that have started shooting, you can use these too. These shoots, come from buds (which we call ‘eyes’ – the bits we usually like to chop out!) and they form long shoots under the ground. This is where the new potatoes will sprout from along the way.

Now all you need to do is sit back and wait. The shoots that are growing underground will try to find the light source and this is when you will start to see leaves coming up out of the surface of the soil. These should start to appear after about 2-3 weeks. Make sure your leaves get plenty of light and water. Your potatoes can be dug up from around 14 weeks, (the leaves will start to turn a yellow colour which usually means your harvest is ready) however, if you like them to be a bit bigger, simply leave them to grow!

Have Fun with Potato Planting

Potato planting is great fun for kids and there are a few simple ways that they can grow their own with just a few easy steps.

A potato with many ‘eyes’ is a good one to plant. Cut your chosen potato into chip shapes (leaving the skin on) and plant them into a tray of soil or a plant pot. You can also do this with just the skin of the potato and keep the peeled potato to make a stamp for painting!

Make sure the leaves are kept nice and watered and have a good spot on the window sill. Slowly the shoots will grow little baby potatoes that you can eat!

Pop in to see all the different varieties of potato that we have in-store. We will also be more than happy to advise you on the how best to cook the different varieties or how to grow them.

Happy planting!