Caring for Plants During Winter

By 4th November 2016Fosseway Flowers, News

How to Take Care of Your Plants this Season

The winter season is going to be the harshest environment your flowers are going to be exposed to this year. With the vast change in weather from those warm and bright summer days to the cold frosty winter nights. It’s not going to be easy to keep your favourite flowers blooming all through the winter season. However, with our help, we hope to make it through the tough winter season with all your favourites intact. There are two different types of plants that are going to need your attention. These are your indoor and outdoor plants.

Caring for Your Outdoor Plants this Winter

Now that the clocks have gone backwards, winter will soon be upon us! Due to being exposed to harsh weather conditions, your outdoor plants are going to need your undivided attention. We have some top tips on how to prepare your outdoor plants for the harsh season ahead.

Clearing Up the Area Around Your Plants
Your seasonal summer flowers will now be preparing for hibernation. You can help this process along by clearing away as much debris as possible. This could be anything from wood chippings , paper bags , or leaves and twigs. This allows the plants to have plenty of space to move and grow through the winter. You could also do this throughout the winter as you’ll notice leaves falling and building up around your plants. The more you maintain your garden, the better the chances are of your favourite plants surviving the season. For all your delicate plants you could cover them up to shield them from the frosty rain and snow.

Continue to Water Regularly
Throughout winter it is vital that you are continuing to water your plants. One of the most common causes of damage to plants throughout the season is a lack of water. We come across many people that have said they do not water their plants due to in raining so much, however, It is essential you water your plants before a hard freeze. This is because the majority of frost damage occurs because the plant is dehydrated.

Caring for Your Indoor Plants

You may be thinking that your indoor plants are safe this winter due to them being indoors and out the way of the harsh weather conditions that we are expecting. However, it is very important that you take just as much care of your indoor plants as you would your outdoor plants.

Dusting Your Plants
It may sound a little silly to be going around your home and dusting your plants. However, this will not only keep your plants looking nice and clean but it is also going to help the plant to breathe. If you have a buildup of dust on your plant then it blocks the plant’s pores and it will struggle to get the air it needs. By giving them a wipe over with just your duster, it will prolong the life of your plant and keep them looking clean and fresh. We do not recommend putting polish on your plants as the harsh chemicals can damage them.

Place Your Plants Near Natural Light
Now that the clocks have gone backwards and the days are getting darker more quickly, it is very important that your household plants get as much sunlight as possible. We would recommend moving them near a window or a patio so they get the sunlight they need to grow and stay healthy.

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