Winter is on its way

The nights are drawing in but there is still work to do in the garden. Pot up some colourful winter pots, look after your lawn and don’t forget to feed the birds!

Winter Checklist

1. Pot up winter containers with spring flowering bulbs
2. Wrap up palm trees with horticultural fleece
3. Look after your lawn
4. Feed garden birds daily
5. Fill your home with houseplants

Flowers & Plants

Now is a great time to add interest and colour by planting out autumn bedding and patio pots like Cyclamen, Heather and Pansies.

Tim recommends: Use MyPex Groundcover as a protective mulch to smarten up beds and borders, prevent weeds and protect plants from frost while stilling letting the water through.

Plant your pots with spring flowering bulbs that flower at different times to extend the period of interest. Use scented bulbs like Tête à Tête Narcissi and Hyacinths near seating areas to make the most of their fragrance.

Tim recommends: Tulips Spring Green bulbs and Daffodil ‘Carlton’ or ‘Sir Winston Churchill’ varieties. Use Levington multi-purpose compost with added John Innes.

Garden Borders & Trees

Wrap up trees and perennials with a horticultural fleece to protect from frost. Take cuttings from bare root plants.

Tim recommends: Give your cuttings the best possible start by using a Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost. Key benefits:

  • Improves germination by 25% for the best start
  • Super fine grade
  • Improved aeration and drainage
  • Seaweed and nutrients for healthy growth
  • Size 10L, 20L, 30L
Gro-Sure Seed and Cutting Compost
Westland Indoor Plant Food

Indoor Gardening

Fill your home with houseplants and cut flowers over winter to bring some energy and life into your home.

Amaryllis or Poinsettia plants are lovely festive plants and available from Fosseway Flowers.

Tim recommends: Give indoor plants a boost by feeding with Westland Indoor Plant Food.

See our guide to looking after your house plant (PDF)


During Autumn your lawn needs a helping hand so that it can recover and make sure that it’s green and healthy for next summer.

  • Clear up fallen leaves weekly to ensure that grass doesn’t die off underneath.
  • Apply an Autumn lawn food (with moss killer if required).
  • Use a suitable lawn spreader for granular lawn feed for a quick and even application.
  • Scarify the lawn to remove thatch and dead moss.

Toby recommends: Westland Autumn All-in-One to help it withstand harsh winter weather.

See our guide to Autumn gardening

Aftercut Autumn All-In-One Lawn Feed and Moss Killer
Gardman Seed Mix for Wild Birds



Shorter daylight hours mean that wild birds have less time to forage. Make sure your feeders are topped up daily with a good quality bird food.

Remember, once you start feeding the birds they will come to rely on you, so make sure you’re consistent!

Tim recommends: Gardman Seed Mix for Wild Birds.

It’s also good to remember other wildlife at this time of year. We have hedgehog food and houses, to encourage hedgehogs to visit and stay as a part of your garden as well as insect habitats.

If squirrels or big birds are a concern, don’t worry! Try our range of anti-squirrel and anti-large bird feeders.

Autumn leaves on tree
The summer season has been a fantastic time of year for our garden centre. We’ve had plenty beautiful flowers and plants growing in our gardens...