Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum: the Facts

One way of making the house interior look elegant and give it an extra welcoming feeling is by including plants. There are various types of plants that you can choose from, depending on your preference. Regardless of all that, one type of plant that is highly preferred by many is the Spathiphyllum, also called the Peace Lily.

Peace Lily

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So, back to the facts, what makes this plant so special?

The Natural Air-Cleansing Plant

If you want to keep the air in the house fresh, this plant is what you might want to consider having. Peace Lily eliminates the VOC* benzene, which is a component found in furniture wax, polishes, and paints. Other than eliminating the component in air, the plant also gets rid of acetone. Acetone is also a component that is produced by a range of cleaning solutions, adhesives, and electronics.

What is its Favourable Environment?

Even with the rare qualities of this plant, it can survive in the house without making it vulnerable to ruin. The plant adapts well to a low-light surrounding, so you wouldn’t have to worry about placing it near the window or fixing extra light fixtures.

Other than the low-light environment, the plant requires minimal maintenance. For instance, you will only need to water it once in a week, or when you realise the soil is dry.

Other caring tips

The Peace Lily doesn’t need extreme care, but you still need be careful not to harm it. Here are some additional tips to help you take proper care of the plant.

  • Avoid too much water, excess heat, or too much light. These are aspects that will ruin the plant gradually. That means that you shouldn’t place it directly in the sun or water it daily. The preferred room temperature is 18 to 24 degrees C (64 to 75F).
  • Feed it monthly with a moderate liquid fertilizer in spring and summer.
  • Ensure that the soil is evenly moist. You can use a pot that has drainage holes to avoid the soil from being soggy. The root can rot in soggy soil.

With proper observation of all the necessary requirements, you will be sure of having a blooming Peace Lily in your room.


The Spathiphyllum is a plant that will assure you of elegance in the house, as well as clean air. You don’t have to worry about the new paint in the room or the polish on the furniture. The Peace Lily will deliver a natural air-cleaning in the room. Though it can grow well in a low-light environment, you shouldn’t keep it in a dark corner. Ensure that the light is moderate enough, and water it accordingly to avoid stunted growth.

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*volatile organic compound – a chemical typically found in vapour form, either natural or manmade. Manmade VOCs (such as those given off from household paints, waxes etc) are regulated by law as they can cause health problems through exposure over a long period of time, but research into them is hard because symptoms can take a long time to appear.