House Plants

At Fosseway Flowers we can supply a wide range of indoor house plants.

House plants are a wonderful way for you to bring some energy and life into your home or office environment as well as helping to oxygenate the room and keep you focused. It is very important that your indoor plant has the right amount of moisture, light, soil, temperature and humidity, but you also need to make sure that your plant is going to have the right sized plant pot, house plants also help to reduce indoor air pollution.

Here at Fosseway Flowers we have in stock a wide range of house plants that are going to help oxygenate your environment, keeping you focused and feeling more healthy. Feel free to come on down to our garden centre to take a look at the indoor plants we have to offer.

Simple House Plant Rules

  1. Try not to over water your house plants, very few plants like to have moist soil most of time plants do better when you let the soil dry out slightly between watering.
  2. It’s important to haveĀ  good drainage, try adding a small layer of stones/pebbles to the base of your chosen pot. Good drainage is important to the health of your plants.
  3. It’s always best to read the label supplied with your plant they usually let you know whether your plant requires and does best in direct sun, partial sun or shade.
House Plants
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