Cut Flowers

At Fosseway Flowers we pride ourselves on supplying only the best cut flowers that are lovingly and creatively presented to our customers.

Here at Fosseway Flowers, we offer a wide variety of cut flowers that will look lovely in your home. Cut flowers are flowers, or flower buds that are cut from the plant they originally came from. This is to allow them to be decoratively placed in a bouquet or vase in your house. These types of flowers will look wonderful in every room in your home, from the living room, kitchen and even your bedroom, giving you some vibrant colours in your property.

However cut flowers do have a limited lifespan. These can last up to several days and sometimes more depending on how much care you have taken with them. A good tip would be to stand them in a vase in the shade.

Popular Cut Flowers

Popular cut flowers are Roses, Carnations, Lilies, Tulips, Gladioli and many, many more. These flowers are great for decoration purposes you can use these for weddings, anniversary or for just saying you’re sorry.

Come on down and take a look at the wide variety of flowers we have to offer at Fosseway Flowers.

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