Preparing Your Garden for Autumn

By 30th August 2017Autumn, Garden Care, Help & Tips

The summer season has been a fantastic time of year for our garden centre. We’ve had plenty beautiful flowers and plants growing in our gardens and we’ve had a fantastic time with our Roman Maize Maze. However, all good things must come to an end and summer 2017 is almost over.

By following our top tips your garden will be healthy and full of life throughout autumn.

Tidying Up Your Garden for Autumn

  • Tidying your borders – The autumn season is the perfect time for you to move those plants. Allowing you to separate those over crowded flowers whilst the soil is still warm. You can also replace your borders with fresh bark if needs be.


  • Cover garden furniture – Rusting garden furniture is not a good look. To avoid having to purchase a new table and chairs next year we would recommend that you cover up the furniture. This will prevent deterioration over the autumn and winter months. We would also recommend using a paper weight to keep the cover over the table.


  • De-weed your garden – The processes of removing weeds from your garden is a tiring and time-consuming job. Our tip for you would be to get all your weeds under control before autumn. This will save you a lot of time come next spring. Be sure to check for weeds in your flowerbeds and patio pavement. Using a weed killer will help, however, we would recommend you remove the weed by removing them from the root.


  • Place netting over your pond – Are you fortunate to have a pond in your garden? If you are then you’re going to want to place a netting over it during autumn and winter. Decomposing leaves can turn your pond water foul and block your filter pump. The netting will prevent this. All you need to do is purchase a net big enough to fit your pond and hold it in place with a few spare bricks.