How to Best Care for Your Lawn This Autumn

It’s coming to the end of summer, and your lawn or green space will not need as much mowing. However, to keep it tidy as well as healthy through the autumn and winter months, it’s still important that you care for it.
Below are some tips from Fosseway on autumn lawn care.

1. Scarify

Man with rake in autumn scarifying dead grass on lawn

Scarifying is a method of raking which removes dead grass and ‘thatch’, which is a mixture of organic debris, dead grass, and moss. It is important to scarify your lawn if the thatch is more than 1cm deep prior to watering or fertilising it, or nutrients and water may not get through. 

To do this, use a spring-tined lawn rake and rake the surface of the lawn vigorously but carefully. Move it into piles and then you can collect the debris, and add it to a compost heap. It is best to do it in autumn since there is more tough debris, so you can rake deeper than you would be able to in spring.

2. Rake up Leaves

As the autumn progresses, you’ll likely have a build-up of dead leaves accumulate on your lawn. These can be disposed of in a compost heap, or added to a mulch pile, and used as fertiliser later when it has decomposed. 

Fosseway has stocked a range of high-quality gardening tools perfect for this season, from Kew Gardens to the nation’s favourite, Spear and Jackson. Rakes, shovels, and pitchforks are all necessary for autumn lawn care, so we recommend you come take a look today. 

You can also use a leaf blower to clear the leaves off – Fosseway carries a wide range of STIHL garden machinery that will do the job.

3. Aerate to Protect From Waterlogging

You won’t need to water your lawn as much as during the summer, if at all – one inch of water a week should be fine. 

However, it’s important to ensure the lawn does not get waterlogged. To do this, aerate the soil by spiking it. This will make sure that nutrients and water can get through easily, but also that excess water is allowed to drain.

There are many methods for aerating your lawn, but you should make holes about 10 -15cm apart. This can be done with a garden fork, which you can buy from Fosseway today. Hand held and motorized hollow-tiners will also do the trick. After removing the soil plugs, sweep them up and then cover the lawn with a sandy top dressing so that it fills the holes. You can buy ready mixed bags of top dressing at Fosseway today.

4. Use an Autumn Feed

Feeding your lawn will help to perk it up and make sure it is strong enough to endure the coming cold months.

Try to avoid using a spring fertiliser, as they contain high levels of nitrogen which makes the grass grow in soft and sappy, leaving it vulnerable to frost. We would recommend either Miracle-Gro EverGreen Autumn Lawn Care or Miracle-Gro Premium Autumn and Spring Lawn Care.

Fosseway carries a range of Miracle-Gro products, so drop by and see us today to get some, or to hear further advice.

5. Create Other Routes Around the Garden

As the weather gets colder, frost may start to accumulate on the lawn. It is important not to tread on it when possible, since it will ‘burn’ the grass and leave black or brown footprints for the course of the autumn and winter.

If you are planning to get around the garden during the autumn and winter months, we recommend putting down a tiled path, stepping stones, or wooden panels to make a path you can use instead. Do this before it gets too cold!

For more information on products or to ask more about looking after your lawn this autumn, call us at 01608 651757. We’re more than happy to help!

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